Getting Accepted Into the Education Program

Read this post about my views on entering the Education program at PVAMU.


I was so excited when I got accepted into the into the Education program! Getting accepted was the easy part. Once I got accepted, I was told there would be a checklist with a deadline for my next task. When I saw the deadline I just knew I had enough time. I began to procrastinate only to later regret it. I then began to take this opportunity seriously, but it was so much to do at one time. I really wish the packet had less things on it to get it done. As I started checking things off as complete, I knew I could get through this stressful moment. Being an Education major has its ups and downs. The career is rewarding but the department can sometimes be unsympathetic towards time frames for paperwork. I filled out all my paperwork and finally met the deadline. It was one of the most difficult tasks to complete, but I’m glad I got it done so that I can student teach in the fall.

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relevant link: http://www.pvamu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/29/2013/08/Student-Teaching-Checklist-9-7-2012.pdf 

To Kill A Mocking Bird

This blog presents a short understanding of the book I had to read in class.

I found To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee to be a good case in point to recognize the issue of racism and the time of the Civil Rights Movement. This book allowed me to see some insight on the beliefs and views people had at this time. The book mainly focused on Atticus a white lawyer who come to a black man’s defense in accusation of rape. To go back over my view of the reading, I had to look at the bigger picture Lee was trying to reach to us. Tom and Boo were the mockingbirds in that they were good and evil but showed moral nature of human beings. The book showed people like them are not prepared for evil that they encounter. A change in experiences with people I think would awaken peoples mind to appreciate people that are different than us. The reading allowed me to be unafraid to take a second thought at fixed ideas I’ve had about others who are different than me.

relevant link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xM8hvEE2dI

Classroom Management

This explains the environment I hope to provide in my future classroom.

My management style would be authoritative. Students in my class will have assigned seats. I plan to be assertive toward my students so that they can see my confidence as the teacher without being aggressive. I want to be able to explain the reasons behind the rules and offer firm decisions. I want opportunity for my students to learn and practice communication skills. I believe students will react positively to my style feeling that I am fair and approachable. Below is a graphic showing some traits I seek to show inside the classroom.

I will have positive rules to explain what my students should be doing and avoid negatively stated rules. Students should know and understand their behavior expectations. Fewer rules are easier for students to remember and foe me as a teacher to enforce. I would like to use firm rules, rewards, and consequences in my class in the future.

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relevant link: https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/new-teacher-classroom-management

Guns On Campus

There are multiple opinions on whether or not gun should be allowed on campus. I believe they have no place in schools. We have already experienced devastating school shootings. Gonzo campus will lead to more injuries. Schools are supposed to be a safe place for educators and students. State laws have reduced some of the gun violence, however we still have to help keep schools safe. I also believe that God on a college campus shouldn’t be allowed. Only school police with proper training should engage in holding a gun in public as so. I understand that college students do all gone but it should be left in the privacy of their own home. The need for more gun control should be talked about honestly. As a future educator I believe in a gun free zone. Children shouldn’t be an environment that irresponsibly allows guns in school. It is a topic I know that Will be constantly debating, but it is a start to have healthy conversations about how to help the dispute.

relevant link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoU50jYdXbk

New Social Media Tools I’ve Learned

My outlook on the new tools used in my English class.

I think that the social media tools I am learning about in this class will be very useful in my classroom. Children like to be engaged with the Internet and technology. My favorite tool will have to be Edmodo because it will give them an opportunity to take quizzes and do assignments online. The options are a refreshing way to create an all in one classroom. It is important to keep up with new ways to get students involved. I also hope to use Google drying in my classroom. It will give me a chance to see how creative my students will be.  A lot of the tools introduced a free which is a plus. I enjoyed learning about these different projects that I can use on the job. It has made me aware that there are multiple websites and tools I can use for free. The one tool I didn’t know already was Kahoot. It is a popular app I have experience working with in the classroom. I think the students enjoy it most because it’s a game. It has always seem to have positive feedback.

relevant link: https://www.edmodo.com/home

Review of my Reading Professor

Here’s my personal review on my awesome reading professor and Education staff.

One professor in my department that I always speak well of is Dr. Booker. She was my reading professor for my education courses. I didn’t understand at first why had to take reading when my concentration is social studies. Dr. Booker explained a very important listen to me and my peers that reading is across the curriculum. She is one of the professors that I look up to because she has always spoke greatness into us. She is a very awesome professor who even has her own line we follow, “Let the teacher teach!”. I will take everything I learned from her classes it’s for my own future classroom. I appreciate her MRI department for guiding me towards graduation I feel that our graduation day I will be ready to take on the world of teaching. After my college experience at PVAMU, I am excited to enter my career as a teacher. I think all my professes in the whole education department that has been with me on this long journey.

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relevant link: https://www.pvamu.edu/education/faculty-staff/

Trends in the Education Field

Read here about the emerging education trends.


Teachers have a lot of options to work in their field. The current training in teaching is the demand for new teachers because the older ones have reached retirement. A lot of people from different work backgrounds are seeking alternative certification. I am happy to see the interest in teaching rising because the enrollment of students continue to rise as well. I take pride in my future career as a teacher. It excites me to see teaching in a good light because it often is see negatively. The world of education is continuing to change. As more and more people are entering the profession there seems to be a decrease of the student to teacher ratio Pierre you despite the increase in teachers becoming employed, they have to get the right training. Many people find out if teaching is for them during training. Which leads me to say those who want to answer teaching only become a teacher to teach not make money. It’s not a profession to make money but to change lives.

relevant link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuBfb7nxkQo

History Courses in College

Read my thoughts on my experience with classes on the degree plan.

I really enjoyed my history classes on my degree plan. I appreciate those professors that helped steer me toward my success in becoming a future social studies educator. Some of the professors really made the learning experience fun and changed my outlook on the subject. Social studies has always been my favorite subject which is why I chose it as my concentration area. I want to be able to make history exciting for my students just like my PV professors have done for me. A lot of people think the subject is boring. I plan to change my future student’s minds about that stereotype and really understand its significance for us to learn. On the other hand, I wasn’t the mandatory math I had to take, it was my least favorite class but I pushed through it. One thing I do not agree with is taking some of the other subjects when I could have taken more classes that interested me for my career. Overall, I learned a lot in majority of my classes that I will take with me.

relevant link: https://www.pvamu.edu/PDFFiles/edu/Degree%20plans%204/2013/4-8%20Social%20Studies%20Degree%20Plan%20Revised%20Sp%2013.pdf

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